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AngelBase Heart Effectivity

When an Angel member makes a capital donation to the AngelBase project, the number of AngelBase Hearts endeared to the designated Angelic Mission depends upon the heart index, shown in the chart below. The heart index is based upon two things:

  • the size of the capital donation, and

  • the timing of the donation, relative to the AngelBase project reaching its various milestones.

Milestone 2:

The earlier of: (a) the first public demonstration of AngelBase System 2, or (b) when the accumulated capital donated (in money* to the AngelBase project) reaches $1,800,000.

Milestone 3:

The earlier of: (a) the first public demonstration of AngelBase System 3, or (b) when the accumulated capital donated (in money* to the AngelBase project) reaches $5,400,000.

We expect to reach Milestone 2 during summer 2005.

In order to endear AngelBase Hearts to an Angelic Mission, at least $540 of capital must be donated. If less than $540 is donated, the hearts will be saved up until subsequent donations bring the total to at least $540, and then all the accrued hearts will be endeared to the mission. However, the smallest donation that will accrue hearts is $27.

A "heart effectivity" is a set of heart indicies all based upon the same milestone. The charts (above and below) each show two heart effectivities, one in the middle column, the other in the right column.

Angel members can donate in US Dollars, or in physical gold. The chart above is for donations made in US Dollars. The chart below shows one heart effectivity (in the middle column) for donatations made in gold.

We denominate gold in grams. The notation "gAu" means "grams of gold" (Au is the chemical symbol for gold). The minimum capital donation in gold is 27 gAu, which is sufficient to endear hearts to an Angelic Mission. Please note that a 1 Troy ounce mass approximately equals 31.1 grams. Therefore, a one-Troy-ounce gold coin is sufficient for endearing hearts. Gold must be at least .999 fine. For heart index purposes, we do not differentiate between various forms of coin and bullion. We do not permit accumulations of gold donations below the minimum for heart endearment, which is why the gold chart contains no gray colored band.

*Money includes gold. For the purpose of calculating milestone capital maxima, gold donations will be counted at market value.

What do we mean by "angel"?.

We like to have fun with the word "angel", using it to mean different things in different contexts. To be fair, however, we have created the following chart that shows the various meanings we intend for the word. Context should make it clear which meaning we are using.

Your physical location MATTERS.

You may join The Legacy of the Angels from anywhere in the world. Then, once you are a member, you may make capital donations:

  • from anywhere outside the United States, or

  • within the United States from 42 "okay" states or DC. Click the dropdown to see which states are "okay" and which states are marked "no donations".

If you live within the United States in one of the eight "no donations" states (or in a territory), then you may travel to an "okay" state.

Regardless of where you live or travel, whenever you donate, you must be physically located in an "okay" state (or outside the U.S.), and you must tell us where you are at the time of donating (we rely 100% on your statement).

Some states and/or territories may get switched from "no donations" states to "okay" states, pending further legal research. If you wish to make a donation from a "no donations" place, please contact us so that we can make research on that place a priority.

Many cities and counties (parishes in Louisiana) have local ordinances regulating charitable solicitations. However, because we are a spiritual organization, requesting donations exclusively from our members and without a commercial fundraiser, such laws are unlikely to affect us.

The request for donations within this web site is void in "no donations" places and wherever else it is prohibited by law. Donations received from such places will be refused if legal prohibition is known at the time of receipt, and if a donation is accepted and a legal prohibition is later discovered, then the donation will be reimbursed to the donor.

Our secure server

When you join or login as an Angel member, you are automatically taken to the secure area of our server. You will see the little padlock icon on your browser close, and if you look carefully in the address bar, you will see "https" (rather than "http"). All data transmissions (in both directions) are encrypted in "https" mode.

Due to financial constraints, we have not yet obtained a widely-recognized "SSL certificate". When we do, the "Angel Members Only" area of our site will be slightly more secure. In the meantime, you will see an annoying message from your browser asking you if you will accept our (low cost) narrowly-recognized SSL certificate. Please bear with us and click "accept" when you see this message.

We do not yet accept payment by credit card or e-check. Therefore, no credit card numbers or bank account numbers are requested on this site. We will install a widely-recognized SSL certificate before accepting credit cards or e-checks.

Subscribe to our free email list.

Both members and non-members may subscribe to our free email list and receive periodic AngelBase Updates. You may unsubscribe at any time. We do not sell or otherwise share our email list with anyone.

We will soon be automating our email list with a Listserve system. In the meantime, to subscribe please email the Chief Angel, and ask to be added to the list:


If you have a spam blocking system, please make sure the domain name "" is not blocked, so that you are able to receive email from us. If you need help with this, please ask your Internet service provider (ISP).

We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring this web site and learning about the AngelBase Hearts sacred investment opportunity. God bless you and your dear ones.

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