Why Should You Invest in AngelBase?
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AngelBase™ is a technology game-changer that can elevate every life on Earth. It will put programmers' power into your hands. AngelBase is not just another “next generation”, it's a higher species of IT.

I invested one million dollars* in AngelBase because it has the potential to revolutionize the database industry. —Mark Sims

(In AngelBase, "angels" are rules that govern data, not "angel investors.")

*Minimum investment: $720

Project Summary

  • Our final AngelBase prototype will be completed in the second quarter of 2017.

  • We are now raising $10 million to develop it into products and to launch them globally.

  • After patents have been filed, demos will begin in the summer of 2017 (nondisclosure required).

  • Investment price is $3.00, but will go up to $4.00 when demos begin. Get in now!

  • Launch target: December 2018

  • Your investment will help to create more than 50 outstanding jobs by the end of 2018.

Two Types of Investment

Heart Investment

Heart investment is public but requires free membership.1

Sold by our AngelBase nonprofit corporation.

Price: $3.00 per heart ($4.00 when demos begin)

Stock Investment

Stock investment is strictly private (due to securities laws).2

Sold by our AngelBase for-profit corporation.

Price: $3.00 per share ($4.00 when demos begin)

When AngelBase is successful, the same amount will get paid on each heart as on each share of stock.3 Watch this video to learn how the money flows:


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Projected AngelBase Payouts4

By 2024, more than SIX TIMES the amount invested!

By 2028, payouts will be more than TWENTY TIMES the amount invested!

And the payouts will continue...

Market capitalization: $81.24 million5

Expert Endorsements

Many experts have endorsed AngelBase. Here are a few.

Mark Sims

President and Founder of Vortrex LLC, Nanorex, Inc. and Netrex Secure Solutions

I invested one million dollars in AngelBase because it is a game-changer and has the potential to revolutionize the database industry. The AngelBase Metaphor digs extremely deep into what information is all about. It represents a paradigm shift in database design, management, and access, going far beyond existing technologies while making it all secure, fun and easy to grasp... I anticipate AngelBase to be a huge success.

James Wray, Ph.D


AngelBase has the earmark of a real watershed in software understanding. By identifying subtleties of the software problem space, and providing a handle to explicitly deal with these subtleties, AngelBase removes, a priori, sources of error, confusion and ambiguity. The result is a robust and yet flexible framework fit to define and tackle the mega software problems of the future.

Lubomir Bic, Ph.D.

Professor of Information and Computer Science, University of California at Irvine

Expert critics who fail to grasp the significance of AngelBase don't recognize that its greatest power is that it is holistic. Doctors who reject non-allopathic medicine suffer from a similar misunderstanding. To create genuine health, one must recognize that all the elements of the body are holistically integrated. AngelBase is designed to holistically integrate all the elements of a computer system, and that has never been done before.

Technical Video


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The AngelBase Mission

1. To invent, develop, globally market and support AngelBase products and services that holistically revolutionize the computer industry, lifting it into the Light.

2. For AngelBase to fundamentally change the way people think about information and computers, causing a quantum leap in the development of human potential, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

3. For AngelBase to open people’s minds and hearts, to put smiles on their faces, to expand their intelligence and creativity, and to deepen their connection with Spirit and with the Universe.

4. For AngelBase to unleash genius and empower the expression of genius in innumerable ways that uplift humanity and reduce human suffering.

5. With AngelBase, to lovingly, elegantly and spiritually transform the architecture of computers and the business of the computer industry: from electronic chips to globally integrated systems and the Internet.

6. To employ large numbers of outstanding people in AngelBase jobs that they love and for which they are ideally suited, that uplift and fulfill them intellectually, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually.

7. To generate a colossal cash flow that greatly exceeds the cost of our operations, and to make large quarterly payouts on AngelBase hearts and shares.

8. For the payouts on AngelBase hearts to fund thousands of worthy projects that uplift humanity and reduce human suffering.

The AngelBase Story

Long-term grit: realizing a dream to uplift humanity with new IT paradigm.

  • $195,000

    The Early Years

    AngelBase Theory

    AngelBase conceived. $195,000 raised via stock. Deep technical theory developed and documented. Experts endorsed. But venture capitalists didn’t understand.

  • +$130,000

    The Middle Years

    Software Research

    Approximately $130,000 raised via stock. AngelBase Prototype 1 came to life. Then Prototypes 2, 3 and 4. Heart investment paradigm invented.

  • +$1,000,000

    May 2014

    First Large Investment

    $1 million raised via hearts (not stock) based on a demo of AngelBase Prototype 4.

  • 2014-2016

    Software Development

    Staff of four goes fulltime. Small office space leased. Prototype 5 completed and demoed. Sophisticated legal structure refined and solidified. Prototype 6 (the final prototype) nearing completion.

  • Join Our
    Investor Family


    Next Two years

    $10 million to be raised. Patents to be filed. Prototype to be demoed (summer 2017). Larger offices to be leased. Staff to grow rapidly. Prototype to be developed into AngelBase products. Beta testing. Training and documentation materials developed. Pre-launch marketing.

  • December 2018

    AngelBase Product Launch

    The first AngelBase platform and application products to be launched globally, accompanied by agressive marketing and strong customer support. Additional funds to be raised after launch to support global marketing.

  • 2020

    Investment Payouts Begin3

    AngelBase revenues exceed expenses with enough excess cash to start paying grants on hearts and dividends on stock.

Our Team

For many years, Mark Emerson pursued his AngelBase vision alone. Later, two of his sons, David and Jonathan, joined him as programmers and have coded most of the software. They grew up with AngelBase—it’s in their blood!This dedicated team has steadfastly focused on realizing the AngelBase Mission and improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The brainstorming sessions among the three of them are amazing!

Mark Emerson

CVO/CEO and original inventor

Sourcing AngelBase is a monumental task. Few people have the breadth of knowledge, experience and spiritual depth not only to dream such a dream, but also to bring it into the world. Mark's multi-faceted career includes a wide variety of programming projects; sales of insurance, school enrollments and securities; drafting complex civil litigation documents for attorneys; teaching mathematics and chemistry; founding a school and producing musical theater. At Hughes Aircraft, he designed and supervised the coding of software to control a new satellite antenna testing range. He later audited data quality in Hughes IT systems. Although not an attorney, Mark has demonstrated expert knowledge of the law. He has a B.A. in mathematics from UCLA, graduating magna cum laude.

Jonathan Emerson

Chief of AngelBase Research and AngelBase co-inventor

At the age of ten, Jonathan studied an AngelBase technical document, and it all made perfect sense to him. It turned into his career. AngelBase began as a “meta-compiler” (that compiles a definition, written in meta-language, of another language and outputs a compiler for that language). As a teenager, Jonathan spent several months compiling the meta-language by hand, the most difficult step in the year-long process of bringing AngelBase to life. Today, Jonathan is responsible for the “front end” of AngelBase, including AngelBase Village and programming in AngelLanguage™. He was educated at UCLA and UC Berkeley.

David Emerson

Chief of AngelBase Development and AngelBase co-inventor

David brings a broad spectrum of technical skills to AngelBase. He set up the development environment in which AngelBase is being programmed and is responsible for the “back end” of AngelBase. David created a code library that is incorporated into AngelBase but is not specific to AngelBase, and that will later be released into the open source software community. Before joining AngelBase, David was a quality assurance engineer at ITG Software Systems. He is also an Art of Living “YES” teacher and has substantial volunteer experience managing and supporting complex Art of Living projects. He holds a B.S. in Physics from UCLA.

Breanna Alspektor

Administrative Assistant

Breanna keeps the AngelBase offices organized and running smoothly. Prior to working for AngelBase she was a Customer Service Team Member at Whole Foods and a Sales Associate at Goodwill. She is also has Massage Practitioner State Certification.

Stock Investment Private Access

If you are interested in investing in hearts, the private code is not needed. Please keep scrolling.

For access to stock (& hearts), please enter the private code.

Private Code:

By submitting the private code, I represent that I obtained the private code via a face-to-face conversation or a relationship with Mark Emerson or another officer or agent of AngelBase, or via a paid finder, or via a friend similarly connected, or because I purchased hearts or made a donation. I did not obtain the private code via any public advertisement, publicly visible posting on social media, or other general announcement.

Investment Details
Investment Type AngelBase Hearts AngelBase Stock
Publicly accessible under securities laws? Yes. Private code is NOT required. (Hearts are NOT securities.) No. Private code is required to see certain stock offering details, and to download the investment form and prospectus.2
Minimum investment $720 (private information)
Price $3.00 per heart
($4.00 once demos begin)
$3.00 per share
($4.00 once demos begin)
Investment paid to AngelBase Human Empowerment Corporation (AHEC) AngelBase Enterprise Advancement Corporation (AEAC)
Meaning Hearts are a right to control which Angelic Missions receive grants distributed by AHEC. Stock is a right to receive dividends distributed by AEAC.
How investment results are paid Paid as grants to nonprofit Angelic Missions. You control WHICH Angelic Missions receive the money. You can create your own Angelic Mission to do humanitarian service, and fund it with these grants. Your mission can pay you a reasonable salary and your related expenses. Paid to stockholders as dividends
Projected cumulative payout over 8 years.3 $21.00 per heart

(This is more than SIX times the $3.00 price.)
$20.00 per share

(This is more than SIX times the $3.00 price.)
Projected cumulative payout over 12 years.3 $66.00 per heart

(This is more than TWENTY times the $3.00 price.)
$62.00 per share

(This is more than TWENTY times the $3.00 price.)
Risk The investment is risky. Although we are optimistic for a huge success, we cannot guarantee results. Therefore, please do NOT invest more money than you can afford to lose. The investment is risky. Although we are optimistic for a huge success, we cannot guarantee results. Therefore, please do NOT invest more money than you can afford to lose.
Sector Nonprofit For profit
Tax advantages Investments are tax deductible.

May avoid capital gains tax with large investments.

Grants are not taxed.
Applicable law State charitable solicitation laws Federal and state securities laws
How the investment offering is made Exclusively by means of the Heart Prospectus Exclusively by means of the Stock Prospectus
Investor qualifications When you first learned about the heart investment opportunity, you were NOT in Illinois. (private information)
LOTA Angel Membership* Required (and free).* Heart offering is made exclusively to Angel Members of LOTA.1 Required (and free)*

*The Legacy of the Angels (LOTA) is a nondenominational spiritual organization. LOTA Angel Membership is free and requires signing a written vow to serve God on the basis of Love, Goodness, Truth, Peace, Joy, Caring and Generosity.

LOTA holds (a) that a unique, omnipotent, self-creating phenomenon exists (as is mathematically proven at TheGProof.org), which LOTA calls “God,” and (b) that (beyond the said proof) this same God is additionally omniscient and benevolent, lovingly permeates both the spiritual universe and the material universe within it, and has a personal relationship with each of us, notwithstanding that many people are unaware of or deny this relationship or deny God’s existence.

Would You Like to Invest?

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Stock Investment

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Contact Us

Due to securities laws, requests for the private code from people we do not already know will be denied.

AngelBase Human Empowerment Corporation (AHEC)

9850 S. Maryland Pkwy. A5-327

Las Vegas, Nevada 89183


Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, Presiding Chief Angel

AHEC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation sole incorporated in Nevada. As an integrated auxiliary within LOTA, AHEC is exempt under 26 USC 508(c)(1)(A) from IRS determination of its 501(c)(3) status. AHEC offers AngelBase hearts to (and only to) Angel Members of LOTA (membership is free).1

AngelBase Enterprise Advancement Corporation (AEAC)

9850 S. Maryland Pkwy. A5-327

Las Vegas, Nevada 89183


Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, CEO

AEAC is a for-profit corporation incorporated in Nevada. AEAC offers AngelBase stock on a private (non-public) basis to qualified individuals with whom we already have a relationship.

AngelBase Golden State Promotions (AGSP)

5568 Kinston Ave.

Culver City, California 90230


Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, Managing Co-Trustee

AGSP is a California nonprofit trust. As an integrated auxiliary within LOTA, AGSP is exempt under 26 USC 508(c)(1)(A) from IRS determination of its 501(c)(3) status. AGSP effects sales of AngelBase hearts for AHEC within California and New York.

The Legacy of the Angels (LOTA)

5568 Kinston Ave.

Culver City, California 90230


Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, Chief Angel

LOTA is an unincorporated spiritual organization that holds no money or property. LOTA's spiritual philosophy is rooted in science, including a mathematical proof that God exists, at TheGProof.org. You are invited to join LOTA as an Angel Member. It's free. Download the form:

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